Mission Statement

FILLA International Limited’s goal is to satisfy the ever growing need for affordable, reliable and quality technology to our global consumers.


FILLA International Limited is a merger of Western management and innovation with Asian diligence and insistence on quality production.

With over 15 years in the refurbished computer market, Vision Investment Group strives to provide high quality products at an affordable cost. Noting a monumental change in the personal computing market with the introduction of the tablet in 2010, VIG began to seek out a manufacturing partner to create and brand their own tablet.

Universal Distribution’s 20 years experience in the Asian computer market procuring and manufacturing products, make them a natural partner for tablet and tablet accessory manufacturing.

In the summer of 2012 VIG and Universal Distribution Limited partnered to create FILLA International Limited. Research and testing prototype tablets began immediately. The first generation of FILLA tablets were introduced in October of 2012, sales have grown steadily since than with many more tablets manufactured and delivered to satisfied customers.

FILLA’s management team is committed to staying on top of current market trends, ensuring FILLA International Limited will continue with aggressive R&D plans and become a successful Technology Provider.

In March of 2013 FILLA International Limited became the first company in the independant category to be a registered member of the Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet program. Becoming the first independant member of the Windows SSTS Program has allowed Filla Limited to develop the worlds first low budget Windows 8 Tablet that will be ready for approval in Spring of 2013.

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  • Hello,

    I have a FILLA Titan 10 tablet.
    Android version : 4.1.1
    Baseband : 2.0_20130412

    The tablet is very unstable. applications freeze, launcher issues, need to restart a couple of times. I`ve performed a factory reset as well.. but the problem comes back again.

    Is there a software upgrade to fix this issue?


    • Hello Harpreet,
      Thank you for your questions, unfortunately the FILLA Titan 10 has been discontinued and is no longer supported. We recommend that you use apps that are compatible with Android 4.1.1

  • I need the drivers for my filla DP-185UM1-01 all in one. after re-installing windows 7 it can not detect any hardware for the network drives.I can’t get online at all. So please let me know how to fix this issue…

    • Hello Jacki, There should have been a CD that was included with your All-in-one. That CD should have the necessary drivers. Please let me know

      • Hi, I have the same model witrh Windows 7 and I don’t have the CD including the necessary drivers?

  • Filla Edge AIO PC AC Adaptor

    I need an AC Adaptor for use in Hong Kong or Macau.
    I am bringing mine there for vacation do not want to bring the existing one over. Please advice where and how to order one

  • Hi there. We have an Edge 18 that we need to RMA. Unfortunately the email we sent to info@myfilla.com bounced because the email address does not exist. How do we proceed with the RMA? Please advise.

  • My keyboard no longer works. To use the unit I have to disconnect the keyboard. Do you have a repair shop in Vancouver, BC? How can I get it fixed?

  • I bought a Prism MII 10 inch windows 10 tablet for my daughter we tried to set it up but its asking for a windows key but one did not come in the box with the product. How do i go about getting one?

  • Hi if I were to buy a separate usb wall charger with 2.4amp output would it charge my filla mII tablet any faster then the one that came with it????
    Thank you

  • Hmm okay i notice it charges my smart phone nearly twice as fast as the original charger and there both micro usb..

    Is it safe for me to even be using the 2.4 amp charger with my filla tablet or is it possible that it could overheat and damage ??

  • Hi:
    Still setting up my Filla EDGE. So far so good. What is the use of the Windows Driver Disk?
    What is the use of the packet of screws – 4 silver round head and 10 small black flat head?

    Where would I find instructions for upgrading the systems memory?

    Thanks, David J.

    • Hello David,
      The Driver disk is provided for anyone that wants to reinstall Windows or install a different version.
      The screws shipped with the unit are spares.
      To upgrade the memory you need to remove the stand, optical drive and all the screws on the back. We recommend that you take the All In One to a certified computer technician to have that done.

  • I have a Prism MII purchased on Jan 9. — will not charge. Unit is plugged in, red light showing, says 6% Calculating but no change over 30 minutes. Need assistance NOW or will return unit.

  • I just bought a Filla Prism MII 10.1 tablet and I have noticed that the 5 volts on the USB2 port does not turn off when I power down the tablet? This means that the tablet’s battery will drain even when I power it down if I have a USB2 device plugged into it. Is that normal? Is there a fix available?

    • Hello Peter,

      I would have to confirm with our engineers, but I believe this is a function that allows you to charge a mobile device while the tablet is not powered up. If there isn’t anything connected to the USB port you shouldn’t see a noticeable drop in charge.

      FILLA Customer Supprt

  • Just bought a Prism MII with windows 10 and have been very impressed. Everything I have asked of it, it has done very well, until now. I bought a new bluetooth speaker and when I play audio from the tablet it is choppy. Paired the speaker with my other devices and it works perfectly. Paired another speaker to this tablet and had similar results. Have you guys seen this before or is it just me?

    • Hello Derek,

      We haven’t had any known issues with Bluetooth. We have tested it working successfully with Bluetooth headsets. I can have our techs look into it. I would recommend trying to upgrade the Bluetooth drivers, or rolling it back.

  • I purchased Filla PrismM11 in Dec 2016
    Have hardly used it due to operation inconsistencies. Issues
    Freeze during application – have to restart to get it going
    will not hold a charge, battery drain quickly
    When plug in -red light show charging but states that the unit needs to be plugged in
    Keyboard sticks

    Please, this is urgent – took back to BestBuy , told they cannot do anything about it.
    Not Happy!!!!

  • Hi,

    So my filla dp-185um1-01 won’t boot properly. Now the screen remains black when turned on and doesn’t do anything. Before this, first it would gave a black screen on start up with a message saying “no bootable drive, insert usb to boot and press any key”. This is for a windows 10 OS.

    Please respond and help us out. Thank you

  • i love my prism m11…just a quk question..i can’t find/emove the pen. is there one in all units
    thank you

  • I don’t have a product key on filla prism MII tablet
    There’s no sticker with product numbers anywhere on tablet or in the box and I didn’t reserve email from Best Buy where I bought the tablet.
    I even look into bios it’s not listed in the system.

  • Hi,
    I ahve the filla edge and wanted to use Skype but no microphone is detected, what are the easiest ways to connect an external mic, USB or headset jack.

  • Hi,
    I have a Prism MII and it does not want to turn on, even in in recovery mode. Yes, it’s fully charged. I was wondering if you can tell me, what’s the best way of going about opening the tablet?

  • For the past 2 days I could not log on to my PC, Filla Edge. It kept telling me that there was no connection.
    We did all the maintenance and checked everything that we knew to check and couldn’t find any errors.
    It suddenly came on but it could go off again.
    Please advise me as to what I have to do to reconnect.

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